Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My 1st Enter in Blog World

I'm here to let go of my feelings.
To ease the pain,that I felt.
Trying things that I never tried before.
I'm just here hanging around.
To be free from the pain,and sorrow;
Of my Loving Husband.

My lonely Valentine picture,with out my Husband.(February 14,2009).
It was really sad for me,but I need to be strong and face the reality that his already gone.

Now I'm facing the New Chapter of My Life.
My Journey Alone.


Free_Angie said...

Ate Edith I was blessed that I met you.
I learn alot form you.
You help me to be strong,I hope that I help you too.
I discover someting special from me,because of you.Everything has a reasons Ate.
Kaya natin to together.
We just walk hand on hand lang... ^_^

I know you are stromng person.
I have faith in you Ate... ^_^

Ditha said...

my pleasure to b one of your frnd an,thank u very much for your kindness,cheers brits!